Meet the Team

Click on each team member's name below to discover the unique skills and experience they have to offer to help you gain back the control, confidence and clarity you deserve.

Bee Pope
Michelle Nielsen

Meet the Team

Bee has been one busy little Bee over the last few years working with busy families to declutter and organise their home, office, schedule, mind and life.

However,we know that to achieve maximum results and work more productively, one needs a good team, or you could say, a hive of worker bees.

So to be able to assist as many families as possible we have created a team at the Bee Organised hive, all trained by the Bee Organised model and management system with each member bringing their own unique skill set to the team.

To find out more about the team and what unique skills and experience they each have to offer, please meet the amazing ladies that could be the turning point in your life to gain you back that control, confidence and clarity that you deserve.

Belinda Pope

Belinda Pope, more affectionately known as Bee Pope, is your girl next door and queen of organisation. As a wife and mother to three small children, including twins, as well as being an enthusiastic business owner, she sure understands ‘busy’!

Prior to having kids, Bee loved to be adventurous and active. She has travelled the world, represented WA in Netball, snowboarded through the Rocky Mountains, climbed Mt Fuji, scuba dove in the Red Sea, won a silver medal at the Australian Bodyboarding Championships and won a gold medal in a triathlon. But that was in another life, right ????.

Bee also previously worked as a teacher, was an Education Officer at The University of Western Australia and also ran her own catering business during this time. She is definitely a woman of determination when it comes to pursuing her passions of helping others, problem solving, and making life fun. This is likely why the universe bestowed twins upon her, followed by a third child less than two years later!

But it wasn’t all fun and flowers when her third child came along. Through a series of unfortunate medical issues and the ever-amounting stressors, pressure and exhaustion children can bring, Bee discovered she was suffering post-natal depression.

The feeling of not being the mum she wanted to be, the pressure she felt from being unwell and the overwhelming sensation from all of the ‘stuff’ surrounding her at home was crippling her. Where had the fun loving, adventurous and inspiring Bee gone? Not only had her family and friends lost her, she had lost herself.

When Bee realised this, she decided that she would not accept this as the norm and that something had to change. She specifically remembers being up late one night and researching what she needed to do to make the change for her and her family. She was totally engrossed with all that she was reading and learning.

She knew this stuff, it was already in her head but she had somehow forgotten the basics with all that she had to deal with and while trying to keep on top of it all. Despite the extreme sleep deprivation that night, Bee was so pumped to start fresh that next morning and declutter her home, mind and life! It definitely has been a journey and has taken its time, but this was the turning point that changed everything for her and her family.

With this new-found clarity, fulfilment and feeling of gaining control back in her life, she also had the energy to do what she does best, help others. She could see other mothers and friends around her suffering in the same way she had and decided she had to do something to pass this rewarding and amazing feeling on, in the most enjoyable, simplest, and achievable way!

Here, Bee Organised was born. You will now find Bee and her amazing team of Professional Organisers helping many families and people all over Perth, WA, to declutter and organise their home, office, mind and life. To speak with Bee and find out how you can achieve this amazing feeling and so much more, contact her today.

Michelle Nielsen

Michelle is a single mum of two beautiful children. She was always quite an organised person, however, after having kids and experiencing personal loss, this changed a lot for her. She used the Bee Organised experience initially as a client to regain clarity in her life and organise a few areas of her home and business to get her back on track.

Going back 10 years, Michelle married the love of her life, and enjoyed planning their wedding so much, that she started her own wedding planning business. She was passionate about working with loved-up couples to bring their dream wedding to reality, one of the most important days of their lives.

Seeing the joy on their faces when everything came together on their big day was magical. Planning weddings and events is what Michelle loves to do, and she is excited to be offering this service to our Bee Organised clients.

Another area of interest to Michelle is Property Investment and Real Estate. Over the past decade, she has worked in numerous roles in the Real Estate industry, and has seen a real need for assisting people with preparing their homes for sale.

From decluttering and staging the property, right through to moving and setting up the new home. This can be a very stressful time for some, however, she now works with clients to help ease them through this process and to get the best return for their property.

Fast forward to now and Michelle can honestly say she is definitely more organised! She is excited to be a part of the Bee Organised team, a bunch of awesome, like-minded mum’s, who totally get it! She has a reignited passion for assisting others to get clarity in their life and focus on achieving their goals.