Our Reviews

From Emma

A huge thank you to Belinda, Leonie and Michelle for their fun, professional, non judgemental, amazing support in helping me take back control of my garage, storage spaces and resources for my home based family day care business. From the moment they arrived, the warm, friendly support of the ladies was fantastic, they made miracles happen in record time and I now feel in control and empowered to maintain my new found space.

They gave fantastic advice, support, and guidance and all in a simple, easy to follow format. Thank you ladies, amazing job and a wonderful experience from the team at Bee Organised.

From Tarrsha

According to Kin Hubbard “A bee is never as busy as it seems, it just can’t buzz any slower”.. Well I can buzz as fast as I need with Bee organised by my side. No matter how “buzzy” life gets Bee is there to help! An exceptional business and an even more exceptional woman. Thank you for everything you have helped me with to date I always appreciate your gift of time!

From Marie

Carina was such a whizz at helping me declutter my kitchen dining and family room area. Loved that she took away all my unwanted stuff for recycling.

From Helen

The lovely Bee and Carina, from Bee Organised, came to get me organised. I had been trying to repurpose a few rooms and get all my sewing and craft supplies into two rooms, (I have a lot of stuff) but was finding all too overwhelming, consequently I wasn’t getting any of it done.

The ladies have made an awesome start, I have “homework” to do. I also get to go shopping for storage solutions. When I have done my part I will be getting Bee Organised back to do some more work for me.

From Shelley

I am so happy to have met someone as pumped about organising your life as Belinda is! I have had severe mummy brain for the last 5 years and have needed someone to help me out of my brain fog! Belinda will be helping me with de-cluttering, home organisation, setting up a fun daily routine and also cooking lessons for bulk gluten free meals.

I’m so excited to get started and to get myself more organised as my triplets start school full – time next year and I know I need to get myself going in order to have a happier household. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!! Thanks Bee xxx

From Jenne

Bee Organised has helped me setup amazing little changes in my very busy everyday life (mother of 3 and home business owner) which have made the world of difference in how I organise my space, time and daily routine. Most importantly, she’s given me my sense of control which I felt I was losing at one point being drowned with so much on my plate.

All the tips and suggestions she’s shared has paid off quite immediately and I can’t wait to finish off the rest of my hours in my package with you. Thank you for being a game changer in my life!

From Jaime

Bee Organised is fantastic! Bee has helped me out with personal and business organisation during a very overwhelming time in my life and I am incredibly impressed. She knows exactly where to find the things you need and can easily transform that picture in your mind into reality super quick. I can totally recommend Bee Organised!

From Anita

I am not the most organised person but recently I had the opportunity to attend a presentation from #BeeOrganised with Belinda Pope and I all can say is Wow!!

During that time she gave us tips how to have more time by being more organised with simple small goals and structure .Well…I arrived home and focused on the first thing that had me slowing down with work which was the computer, decluttered folders, files and found documents, then paperwork which was scattered everywhere..storage..planning the week with appointments.

Plus many more things that were on the list to do…if you are in need of advice and help plus with other many service and tools then please contact her to help you have a happier day with less stress and simple guidelines and more time for yourself and your family.????????????

From Elizabeth

I’m so glad you have started this business to help others because it truly is your calling! I have looked on in awe over the past 3 years watching Bee stay organised with 3 kids as well as help others.

She has the biggest heart, genuinely loves helping people and has so many time saving tips to help make your life run more efficiency. I highly recommend and personally vouch for Bee Organised!!

From Morgan

Bee is absolutely amazing when it comes to helping you prioritize your “to do” List so that you get what you need to get done rather than what you think you need to be doing. Love her!!

From Trish

I am normally very organised. I love everything labelled, and in its correct place. When I had my daughter (5 years ago), my study very quickly became my junk room. Over the years, any spare time I had to work on sorting out the office, I spent with my family.

Enter Bee Organised. Bee spent 2 days sorting and organising my office, and my daughters play room. Once again, everything is organised and in its place. I highly recommend Bee and Bee Organised.

From Mandy

The lovely Carina came around and helped me organise my sewing room last week. In just four hours, this little energizer bunny helped me take old furniture out, put new Ikea furniture together and helped me sort out the cluttered mess. I now have a usable workspace again! Thanks Carina!!

From Jessica

After a seriously awesome weekend down south, I didn’t really get a chance to reflect on Friday’s The New Entrepreneurs breakfast with presentation by @BeeOrganisedbyBee!! She is one super amazing momma, wife and queen bee organiser. I loved getting to know you as well as learn how you got where you are with that gorgeous clever outlook on life!

If anyone is in need of a serious declutter/life upheaval to get back on track, definitely contact this girl! She is fantastic. Also in love with this beehive branded earrings she gifted to me!! Such a lovely personal touch????????

From Julie

A massive thank you to Belinda Pope from Bee Organised for doing an incredible job with sorting out my friend’s teacher resources who recently passed away.

Bee you have done an incredible job under a lot of emotion from family and friends and have done this with such love, care and warmth with us. Thank you for the best video to help promote her resources as I know you went beyond what was required. Thank you so much. Love your work xx

From Louise

Absolutely loved when Belinda from Bee Organised came out to help me! I have a little girl who suffered from reflux and then had a sensitive gag reflux so was on soft foods for a little longer, Belinda came over with her Thermomix and cooked up a storm for my little girl! I had a freezer full of delicious food and a happy little girl.. and Mummy!!

From Lisa

This young lady is an absolute dynamo – seriously worth paying Bee just to benefit from the energy she exudes, and that’s before she even starts your organising!