Be Prepared
This Father's Day

Don’t leave your Father’s Day prep to the night before! Here are our tips to be organised this year.

Allow plenty of time for the kids to make their homemade gifts and cards, don’t leave it to the night before!
Don’t forget about all the dads in your life you or the kids may need to prepare something for, grandparents, in laws, other male role models
Don’t forget to include your bacon and eggs for Father’s Day breakfast in your weekly meal plan
Plan your day ahead of time, maybe the groceries or other jobs you usually do on a Sunday can be done another that week to maximise time with family.
5. Don’t be hard on yourself if you finish the day and the house is untidy, it’s a day to spend time with those you love. Just make sure you schedule some time in the days following to tidy up again so it doesn’t get out of control!
Have an awesome day with your loved ones 🙂

Check out Bee’s video at Soko & Co for some great Father’s Day gift ideas on YouTube.

About the Author

Bee Pope is queen of Decluttering and Organising, owner and director of Bee Organised in Perth, WA and a member of IOPO (The Institute of Professional Organisers)

You will find Bee and her team working with busy professionals and families to bring balance to business, family, and your home so you can focus on the more important things in life. Bee is very passionate, driven and the queen of fun. She never judges and always makes you feel comfortable in her presence, like a good friend.

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